A director makes himself filming not only the way everyone looks, but the way he sees it. Therefore, Diego Locatelli, who is of Capixaba blood, has in his portfolio works that cross his “self” and are cut in the immersion of possibilities that São Paulo offers.
Remixing the experience of occupying spaces as a DJ and Electronic Music Producer with photographic clippings, the director has in his luggage the award-winning documentary "Atlântida", which questions and celebrates the permanence in urban centers, even the experience of global powers of electronic culture with the clip “Headlights” by Alok producer, Alan Walker, in partnership with MiniCooper and the energy drink TNT.
Being the fruit of the intersection between cinema and digital power, Diego Locatelli spreads his directorial gaze by actively participating in the creation of movies for brands such as Whatssap, Activision, Budweiser and Yamaha, adding to Sugar Cane's team of creators his attentive eye for sensibilities of the process